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You're happy.

VetX is here for you day or night when your pet appears to be sick or displaying different behavior. Our team of certified veterinarians are on call 24/7 to ease your concerns and get your pet the care it needs.

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Our story began with a scrawny little kitty found at a local animal shelter outside Boston MA. Boop, the cat, had been abandoned by her mother and being in need of a lot of care, was chosen to be taken home by two hard working, busy bodies, who desperately needed a coffee…I mean cat.

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While the couple worked on nursing Boop back to health and giving her the best care possible, they began to wonder why there wasn’t a simple way for them to contact their veterinarian and why clinics were closed during times when full time employees had, well, free time.

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All your pets

Create profiles for each of your pets so when it comes time to begin a consultation, you can just choose from a list of options.

Share and Earn

When a new user enters your referral code during the sign up process, they will get $5 off towards their first consultation! Once they complete their consult, you will also receive $5 credit.


Guided steps once you begin the consultation to ensure you don't leave out any important information (ex. what are the symptoms, when they started, etc)

Activity History

Pull up previous consultations for any of your pets at any time so you can review the veterinarian's response.

Email Reports

Want to act upon our veterinarian's feedback? Print out the pdf report that is generated after every consultation and bring it with you!

House Calls

COMING SOON! Does your pet need a visit from a veterinarian? Use our app to have our mobile vet clinic come to you to perform various services in the comfort of your own home!


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◦ Attractive Earnings

◦ Flexible Hours

◦ Build a greater network


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Looking to expand your client network and take on more patients? Join our team of licensed veterinarians at VetX to start consulting pet owners across the world! Our flexible hours give you opportunities to generate more earnings and help people in their time of need for their pets.


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VetX has appeared as a notable solution for petowners by both The Huffington Post as well as Boston Inno for our successful efforts to link licensed veterinarians to pet owners across the world.

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